You see that everyone around is you doing SEO, PPC and boosting themselves about huge return on investments, but when you check you core keywords’ search volume, you see that no one is searching with them online. So what do you do? Should you invest thousands of dollars to attract 10 more visitors every month who will doubtfully covert? Here are some tips that might help you decide.

What about other keywords?

If your particular products or service is not popular to look for online or is simply no one knows about it yet, you can try to optimise your website for other more popular keywords which are related to you product/service. For instance, if what you are selling is a security system for online sales, you can create content on choosing a right payment system for you e-commerce site or even about best platforms, designs for e-commerce websites. By creating this kind of content, you will not attract your very target audience who are willing to purchase security system, but you will attract people who at some point might need to buy it. The conversion rate of this kind of content is not going to be high, but it will help you to expose your brand and increase brand awareness.

PPC first

Before investing into SEO try to advertise with your main keywords on paid advertising and see traffic they generate as well as their CTR. You can also test how PPC works and converts for long-tail or related keywords. Depending on the results you can then decide if investments in the organic optimisation with these kinds of keywords are likely to pay off at some point.


If you or your agency is not able to indentify long-tail or related keywords that can help to attract some more meaningful traffic or you see that investments to attract additional traffic is not reasonable, maybe SEO or PPC is not a way to go. If you have the money to invest into digital marketing, consider such areas as CRO or email marketing, which may not increase traffic to your website, but will help to increase the conversion rate. This especially applies if you invest in other marketing activities (PR, direct marketing) which attracts traffic to your website and all you need is to convert that traffic or at least try to establish a good relationship with them by ensuring great user experience.

Thinking about the future?

If your market, product or service is still novel, but has a potential to develop and rise (which means that competition as well as search volume for targeted keywords will increase) you should invest in SEO, PPC and CRO activities (if only your marketing budget lets you do that). Such an investment will help you to be one step ahead of new entrants and it will be easier to remain market leader in a long-term perspective. Also don’t forget that investing in into content marketing activities can also help you to become an opinion leader in the market. Related content which I mentioned in the second paragraph is not only a tool to attract additional traffic, but also a great way to build your authority in the market and gain additional competitive advantage, especially if new competition arises. Try to become stronger as soon as you can, don’t wait until competitors do that first, because then all you will do is catching up.