Now, to be straightforward here are the two answers to two probably the most popular questions about SEO.

Is SEO dead? – No.

When is it going to be dead? – Are you seriously asking that?

The topic about SEO death was discussed by many x 5 bloggers and news portals. Probably none of them drastically said “Yes SEO is dead”, because all self-respecting websites do some kind of SEO – especially the one which writes articles about it.

One of the main arguments concerning “Is SEO dead?” question, is that SEO is not dead, SEO has simply changed. And, yes, it’s true. But, my main point is, that even if SEO hadn’t changed as a discipline, it would still be as alive as global warming.

When writing about SEO, many bloggers only take into account off-site SEO and link buying. Yes, inbound links may not be as important as they used to be, but they still are. None the less, many other factors like social signals, local optimisation, content has become way more important. This means that SEO specialists simply need to do more and know more. Also, SEO is becoming less about getting from position 5 to position 3. Yes, it is important, but SEOs also needs to make sure that new visitors not only come, but also convert.

Many businessmen think that they don’t need SEO if they don’t really care about their position in SERPs. However, SEO audit and its implementation is not only about position, it is also about having a website you are not gonna be a shame of – having a website which meets specific standards.

What may have caused so many discussions about SEO, is the SEO (search engine optimisation) term itself. SEO is becoming like online business development – a service which aims to grow the business, make it more visible and successful. Not making it number one in SERPs, but making in number one in its online market. There are still some agencies which concentrates on link-buying and other black-SEO techniques, but it’s no longer an SEO service, it’s only link building. Maybe there still exists that mind set which needs to be changed. Real quality digital agencies will offer you a solution to grow your business, not a solution to have more links to your website.

SEO has become as general term as online business development and cannot be perceived as a single service. You don’t go to PR agency so they would publish and article about you and you don’t go to advertising agency so they would show your brand on TV. In the same way, you don’t go to SEO agency so they would buy you some links. You simply ask them to make your business more successful online and that’s the essence of SEO.

Good digital agency will not only offer you SEO services, but also conversion optimisation, user experience as well as content creation, sometimes even social media management and online PR. In the same way a good advertising agency will not only to creates an advertisement, but also to makes sure that it is going to be successful and brings you some kind of a value.

So when SEO will be dead? – as soon as internet will die.