Facebook – the most popular and profitable social network, not only for its owners, but also for many businesses around the world. Advertising on Facebook has developed quite significantly in recent 5 years, making it easy to target very specific audiences. However, a big part of businesses also tries to reach and engage with people through Facebook in an organic way. There are many myths and truths about the ways to get your post as popular as possible. Here are some real ranking factors Facebook uses to evaluate how popular you post will be.

First of all – EdgeRank

Edgerank is a Facebook algorithm which actually determines which posts are going to perform better than others. In this post were going to briefly look at each of them. Also you need to note that this is a simplified algorithm and Facebook has way more other highly personlized factors when determining who should see specific post.

facebook edgerank
Source: adenora.com/edgerank-ipctr/


Interest is simply an interest of a Facebook user in you or your post. The more close you are to the user the more often your posts will be exposed to them. For instance, your best friend or a family member will probably see almost all of your posts. In the same way your page fan will see more of your posts than a person who did not show any interest in your page. If you don’t indicate your relation with a specific person in your profile information, then Facebook determines it according to your interaction with his/her posts (how often you like or comment his/her posts, how often are you with him/her in the pictures or locations). So, just to make it clear, if you don’t tell Facebook who is your sister or mother and you don’t interact with their posts, they will not necessarily see majority of your posts.

For the business, this factor simply means that the more popular you want to be the more active page fans you need to get. Therefore, sometimes it is a good idea to build your fan base not only with organic, but also with paid advertising. However,  More fans will not does not mean more reach or engagement if you post irrelevant or boring content.


Another factor is popularity of your post. Popularity means comments, likes and share your post gets. Now, likes are the weakest factors, therefore you may want to get more comments and shares than likes in order to spread your message. Also in English, Spanish, French and German languages Facebook is able to detect whether the comment is positive and negative (not only by language, but also by happy or sad smiles). The more positive comments, the better your post will perform. This post popularity ranking factor explains why from time to time you might see a post of your class mate wedding even though you have not talked to him for more than 5 or 10 years. This happens mainly of two ranking factors relationship (he is a friend yours on Facebook) and post popularity (his post has many likes and comments (mainly positive hopefully)).


This factor evaluates the performance of all of your posts within the last 28 days. The better past posts engagement you have, the better your future posts will perform. In simple words, the more popular your are the more popular you will get. What does it implicate? Don’t spoil your overall posts performance by posting just for the sake of it. Try to post regularly, but also make sure this is something your audience will enjoy.


Not all of the post types (link, text, image, video) performs equally fine. Links are the weakest types of post. Why? Simply because by posting links your direct users from Facebook to their pages on the web and, of course, Facebook does not want that. The second least popular post type is text. If your are willing to perform better, you should focus on images and videos which tend to perform the best. However, if after reading this you will start posting 10 videos a week, it’s not going to work. You should focus on images and videos, however you must keep the balance with all types of posts. Also you should pay some attention on what kind of posts your users prefer.


More recent and up to date posts are tend to perform better than older posts. The older your post get, the least popular it will gradually become.

Myths and facts

The best time to post your message is between 11 am and 2 pm

It might be the case for you but not necessarily. Every case might be different. You should post when most of your users are online. To see this go to “Facebook insights” -> “Posts” -> “When your fans are online”

when your fans are online

From this example you can see that on average the best time to post something on your page is between 3 and 6 pm as well as 8 and 9 pm. However, the time might also change depending on a day of the week.

when your fans are online tuesdaysFrom this example you can see that on Tuesdays the best time to post is between 9 am and noon as well as 9 and 10 pm. Time usually differs on weekends as well.

The more you post the more you reach

Yes more posts will give you higher reach. A silly example would be: if your post reaches 400 people and then another post from the same day reaches 150 people, your total reach of the day would be 550. If you were posting one post less, you reach would have been 400. However, the more you post the least popular your upcoming posts will get. There is even a research done on this topic and it explains the situation in more detail.

Facebook reach is desperately low

According to the most recent studies Facebook reach has dropped to just 2% for large pages with more than 500,000 Likes. Because of an increasing number of members and business on Facebook as well as more advertising opportunities, recently Facebook organic reach was declining quite significantly.

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