What to do if no one is looking for you online?

You see that everyone around is you doing SEO, PPC and boosting themselves about huge return on investments, but when you check you core keywords’ search volume, you see that no one is searching with them online. So what do you do? Should you invest thousands of dollars to attract 10 more visitors every month who will doubtfully covert? Here are some tips that might help you decide.

How important are exact match domains? There might not be one answer.

Although Google has already claimed that exact match domains are not as important as they used to be, it might not always be the case. Before the brief discussion I want to introduce you to a small example I recently discovered.

Here is an example of a Lithuanian website mokymaiimonems.lt (training for businesses). A year old exact match domain. It has no backlinks and did not have any off-site optimisation.

Media Convergence and Fragmentation in Public Relations and Advertising

Today’s new media tools such as mobile, social media and improved television technologies are changing what media network currently looks like (Jones, 2011). New abilities for audiences to interact, engage and even participate in the media made media network look as a single linked unit, rather than a media consisted of separate channels (Jenkins, 2001). Empowerment of audiences and facilitation of media use introduced a new term for this phenomena – media convergence. In addition, increased number of media channels also provided audiences with a variety of choice and freedom when choosing the media to use. This has caused another issue, especially for media related industries, called – media fragmentation (Webster & Ksiazek, 2012). Media convergence and fragmentation has influenced all media related industries. This post will focus on how media convergence and fragmentation has influenced public relations (PR) and advertising agencies. The first part of the essay will introduce conventional PR model and will explain how media convergence and fragmentation have affected it. The second part will discuss this influence on advertising sector. The critical view of audience fragmentation will then be provided. Lastly, conclusion and an idea for further discussion concerning this topic will finalise the post.

Facebook algorithm. Some brief facts and tips.

Facebook – the most popular and profitable social network, not only for its owners, but also for many businesses around the world. Advertising on Facebook has developed quite significantly in recent 5 years, making it easy to target very specific audiences. However, a big part of businesses also tries to reach and engage with people through Facebook in an organic way. There are many myths and truths about the ways to get your post as popular as possible. Here are some real ranking factors Facebook uses to evaluate how popular you post will be.

First of all – EdgeRank

Edgerank is a Facebook algorithm which actually determines which posts are going to perform better than others. In this post were going to briefly look at each of them. Also you need to note that this is a simplified algorithm and Facebook has way more other highly personlized factors when determining who should see specific post.

Is SEO worth my money?

SEO as a service might be a little bit more difficult to evaluate than PPC, for instance. It’s usually way  more difficult to tell exact ROI (return on investment) of SEO efforts. For this reason, many companies have a lot of doubts about investing in SEO. Here are some points, which may make it easier for you.

Are people looking for you online

If you are in a B2B market, there are many cases when SEO might not be the best choice. For instance, investors are probably not going to look for a construction company to build an office in Berlin online. They might be looking for you using your brand, so you have to make sure your site is indexed by Google and branded.

Question of the year: is SEO dead?

Now, to be straightforward here are the two answers to two probably the most popular questions about SEO.

Is SEO dead? – No.

When is it going to be dead? – Are you seriously asking that?

The topic about SEO death was discussed by many x 5 bloggers and news portals. Probably none of them drastically said “Yes SEO is dead”, because all self-respecting websites do some kind of SEO – especially the one which writes articles about it.